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Unpaid amounts less than $50

I have a bill of $150. I'm unable to pay the full amount before the due date however I can pay most of the bill.


If I pay $101 I will have $49 still owing. (I can pay the $49 a week after the due date.)


The website at has a table of "unpaid amounts" and associated fees starting at $50.


Live Chat seems to think there is an unpaid fee but isn't sure how much it is. I also don't trust the answers they provide.


If I owe $49 past the due date is there a late fee and how much is it?




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Re: Unpaid amounts less than $50

As you've noted the late payment fees do appear to start at $50. If there is a fee for $0 to $50 (and I can't find any mention of one) then obviously it will be $1 to $15 (max).


I think you're safe at $49 (although make it $48 just to be safe if you can). The CS people can be a bit variable in the advice they give. I suspect your guy was probably refering to the fact that


"To arrange a payment extension, click here. Note: You may (will) still incur a late fee after agreeing to a payment extension."




Peter Gillespie


PS Probably not needed but you can arrange an automatic extension via the app

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