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Unlocking of Prepaid Phone

In the instructions that has been posted to have a prepaid phone unlocked, there is 2 criteria that needs to be met for the device to be unlocked.
1. Have you recharged your service to a minimum / accumulated amount of $80?
YES: There is NO fee to network unlock your handset.
No: How long has your service been active?
Less than 6 months: $80 fee
More than 6 months: $25 fee
My question is this:
I have had my prepaid handset since the beginning of June 2019. It initially had a replacement SIM of my 19 year old Optus Number that had been stolen a few weeks earlier, and then another SIM put into the phone at the end of July 2019. Both these SIM cards have been in use since June and July/August 2019 and recharged with a minimum of $30 per month.
Why is it when I went to get the device network unlocked that I was asked to pay an unlocking fee of $25??
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Re: Unlocking of Prepaid Phone

Hi bcoyne69

This system is automated so if it's detecting that there hasn't been $80 recharged it should be accurate. I'd recommend speaking with our Prepaid team to investigate, they're available via the My Optus app.

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