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Unlock pre-paid XLite sold by Woolworths


Hi Everyone ,


Want to buy an X Lite prepaid to OPTUS network button phone for my child from Woolworths and my question is:


How do I know it is an unlocked phone?

IF not unlocked, it it possible to unlock for FREE without some wait period (3, 6 months of usage, for example) ?

We use a mobile network provider called VAYA , they use OPTUS 4G network, but I want to know if we could just buy the phone and put it on VAYA network?


Many thanks for your time and effort helping us with this!




Re: Unlock pre-paid XLite sold by Woolworths


The packaging should indicate whether it is network locked. An Optus Prepaid handset from Woolies, highly likely that it is.

More information can be found on our How to unlock your Mobile Device from the Optus network help and support page.

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