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Unfair credit check outcome

So I tried to get a Samsung s9 or Samsung s10 on a post paid plan. First I did it online and waited just over a week only for them to tell me to call them so they can say my ID isn't 100 points because my drivers license had to be an open class instead of a learners or provisional class (like mine was) and that I had to do the purchase in store... 

So I did. I went through the whole setup and then once it got to the credit check part I was told I had been denied to get any thing at all from optus due to my credit check outcome. So I went home and got my credit report. I had no flaws. And got my credit score. And I have a perfectly great score. And I got my credit report from both illion and equifax.. So unfortunately I guess I'm now forced to move to another provider. Honestly I think the credit check with optus is just a joke. 

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Re: Unfair credit check outcome

The Optus credit check process is apparently something of a black box. The staff don't know why you've been declined - they just get a yes/no responce.


Judging by what you've said I would suspect they've submitted your details and the answer has come back No. This would then activate the usual 3? month wait until you can apply again. So your second application has failed without even being submitted. Just a guess though.


That said the learners or provisional ban sounds weird. These licences are just as subject to ID requirements and many 100 pt checks are happy to accept them. So long as they have a signature and current address and your name on them there is no reason they aren't valid. The Optus ID site only states "Driver Licence"


 Peter Gillespie