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Unaware that I was moved to Every Now and Then 2


I just contacted Optus but there was no help at all. Luckily found this post which gave me a bit of hope. I'm a very long time customer of Optus and due to my low usages, I was on the 'Every Now and Then Plan'. I've accummulated quite a lot of money in my account, just kept topping up as I've been away from Australia and just recently came back last year. I'm not even aware that I was moved to a new plan 'Every Now and Then 2' which is more expensive than the one they have now 'Long Expiry'. So basically in the same position as in the post. The only thing is that they won't do anything for me and I've just recharged before finding out all these. If I had not looked into my usages and see that 29 cents per national SMS, I wouldn't have realised that Optus is giving me such a bad deal all these while. Why can't they change me over with all my credits into the new and more beneficial plan for their existing loyal customers? Don't they want to do the right thing by them and retain their customer base? Don't they care for their customers or they just want me to spend more? 

Anybody else experiencing this issue or know of ways that can help me out? I'll have to wait for 6 months before I can change provider! Though I'd rather not as I've been with them for over 10 years.




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Re: Unaware that I was moved to Every Now and Then 2

My observation is that Optus and Telstra don't want to service the bottom end of the market, so this is done by the resellers, like Amaysim and Aldi. Both of them have 365day plans for $10 and $15.


The money you have put onto the plan, is more of a psychological trap than credit that has any use.