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Unauthorised port out

It’s pathetic you called yourself the largest telecoms company.


Optus can’t even do proper identity checks!


how many times my number has to be ported out without my authorisation, how many times I have to call your customer service and still being asked to wait. And how many hours I have to waste to solve the issue again and again?


i believer there are more people having the same experience, identity check of Optus is apparently not working. Someone could just porting our people’s number without their permission and hack into theirs banks, personal details etc.


We are not getting the service that we are paying for! You charge your customer month by month and we are not allowed to use our services while our number is being port out. So who is paying for our loss? 


This will happen again and again, Optus can’t even set up a proper identity check procedure. 


There are not much competitors and that is why Optus is ignoring their customer suffering from telecom fraud!

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Respected Contributor

Re: Unauthorised port out

Optus does not set the rules for number porting - the ACMA does and Optus has to abide by their rules (and so do all the telcos) as per the MNP code.


Telcos cannot add extra layers onto the process as they would be in breach of the MNP code, if your postpaid it means that someone else has your account number and other information which is how they were able to go to a different carrier to start the process.


If the account number and service matches then Optus HAS to release the number as part of the process.