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Occasional Contributor

Unauthorised mobile change to new user

Optus have erroneously and without authorisation changed one of the numbers on the mobile account in my name (I have 4 under a business account) to a new user who is known to me and provided every assistance has to my efforts to get this reversed.

i have spent hours attempting to get this rectified or reversed and have explained the situation to 4 different people who have progressively exacerbated the problem (eg. They have removed my online access to two of the numbers; I had a $500 credit on an account that was closed which seems to have disappeared; I have been repeatedly asked to do a change of ownership form to move the stray number back into my name but the process always fails as no confirmation number comes through on email or text contrary to the advice provided).


i have asked for this to be escalated but have heard nothing back and my impression is that a call centre supervisor will be ringing me back not someone from customer relations.


Given the complexity of the issues I need a case officer to address all of these issues and liase with me until all the issues are fully resolved.


how can I proceed from here? I only want to explain the situation once more as it takes about 30 minutes for any new party to understand the situation. 



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