Unauthorised charges


Hi Optus,


I, like many other users, have received charges on my account which I did not authorise via MIA sphere. I request that these be removed and I be refunded for the charges already made, having paid the last bill in good faith.


Looking forward to your response

Re: Unauthorised charges


Best to have a read of my response to another post on the link below.


Re: Unauthorised charges


Thanks for the reply.


However despite following the instructions to stop third party access and reduce the spend the website states there is an error and I can not do this.


This is just one of many issues we have had with Optus since switching a few months back.


In response to your suggestion to contact Optus via live chat - I have previously tried this as well as trying to call and in each case I have not been able to get through despite wasting a significant amount of my time today trying to do this. This is way below the standard of customer care I expect to receive and is in stark contrast to previous mobile providers I have been with.


Furthermore, previous experiences with the live chat have been very poor and in each instance has not resulted in a resolution of the issues. 


I see that on previous threads on this forum that the Optus responder has given an option to PM them - is this not standard?


I would greatly appreciate being put in contact directly with someone who can resolve this issue. 


Thank you in anticipation

Re: Unauthorised charges


No it's not really an option but simply an invitation if an Optus staff member has time to look at a post. From what I understand they rotate the staff and also support other platforms so a private message may end up going nowhere. Given I have directed hundreds if not thousands of people to the live chat system I would be extremly surprised if they were unable to help you with your issue. Getting the live chat to work in the first place is however another issue given the huge delays of late. 

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