Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


I'm looking for answers and others who have had similar experiences...


In the past month my mobile number has TWICE been ported to Vodafone without my permission.


First in early June 2017, I received a txt from ‘Optus’ stating:

“Optus MSG – Hi, we received your Port Out request for this service. If you didn’t request your number to be ported out, please call us straight away on 131 344”.


I did not make such a request, yet my number was ported very soon after (~10 mins I believe).

Although I called soon after receiving the txt, it was too late for Optus support to do anything about it and I needed to travel to an Optus store to fill out a ‘Customer Reversal Authorisation (CRA)’ form – which took >1 hour to submit, and my mobile number was ported back later the same day.


Acting upon the advice of multiple Optus Employees, the same day I also contacted Optus via their Online Chat service and added a 4-digit PIN to my Optus account, in the belief that my mobile number could not be ported without the PIN being quoted.


Unfortunately, upon arriving back in Australia in early July 2017, my mobile would not connect to the Optus network. Fearing the worst, I spent several jet-lagged hours communicating with Optus (both Online Chat and telephone conversation with the previously involved store) where I learnt that my mobile number had again be ported without my permission to Vodafone. I am dismayed that this could happen again, less than a month after I urgently ran to an Optus store to reverse an unauthorised port to the same carrier. Furthermore, I did not even receive a txt from Optus RE my latest supposed Port Out request.


I am most dissatisfied with both the level of knowledge (/attention to detail) displayed by Optus staff and support (during which I’ve received conflicting and/or inaccurate advice), and the way in which Optus allows such unauthorised porting of mobile phone numbers. Optus (and other providers) urgently need to improve their processes to minimise such unauthorised porting. For example, by providing a delay which can be feasibly actioned (i.e., 5 work days) between informing an Optus customer of a Port Out request and it actually being ported and/or waiting until an Optus Customer has confirmed (verified) a Port Out request before Optus action it.


I am also at a loss as to how my number was ported the second time, without my 4-digit PIN being quoted - as both Optus staff and digital experts from my banking providers informed me that my 4-digit PIN should have been required.


Such unauthorised porting of mobile numbers is a now well-known approach used by identity thieves to gain access to personal and financial details and upon noticing two fraudulent transactions on my credit card I have had to cancel them and have cards reissued adding further stress and inconvenience to a situation that should not have occurred in the first place.


Vodafone needs to provide assurance that improved systems are put in place to stop their Customer numbers being Ported Out without the Customers explicit and verified permission.


Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)

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All the telcos agreed on the porting standard. To port a number, you only have to supply birthdate OR account number. Any disgrunted person who knows your birthday, drivers licence and/or medicare can make your life miserable. There is no provision for PINs or passwords to block this activity in their porting standard. The gaining service provider is responsible for identification of the person making the application, but the losing service provider has no control over anything.


It's bonkers. You really need to change your birthdate somehow.


PS: I'm not certain if the person doing it has to know YOUR driver's licence, but s/he has to put some kind of identity into the form, which may be stolen from someone else. I think it's easy to transfer phone numbers to another person, and they can only use the birthdate as the password.


Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


Hey StopPortingOut, really not good to hear of the situation, have you touched base with our Billing crew to action the port back? If not, just shoot me a PM with your account details (number, DOB, address, full name) and we'll get this fixed up.




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Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


I just pposted the form you need here. It is Utterly ridiculous that we need to physically go to a Optus store, to pick up a blank form, that has to be faxed or emailed to a different Optus store. Why can't they just email it to us will make it available online the way I've done the following link?

Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


I have had the exact sane thing happen to me twice in 4 days!  It’s unbelievable how easy this is and how terrible OPTUS is to deal with. It’s almost impossible to get anyone on the phone. 


Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


That's definitely concerning @Craptus, twice in four days?


Do you have reason to believe that the unauthorized port is was requested by someone known to you? The offender only needs access to certain personal details. A number can be ported between carriers as long as the customer supplies a matching name, DOB and account number.


If the correct information has been sent through to the gaining carrier, they'd have no reason to suspect any wrongdoing.

Have we put a measure in place to ensure this doesn't happen again? We'll usually set up a security PIN and flag the account as PIN access only.


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Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


I received a text from Vodafone saying the following: 


"Hi, you've asked to transfer your number to Vodafone. We're working on it now and we'll swap it over shortly. Once completed, you'll need to switch to the new Vodafone SIM. Need help? go to or call 1300130741. Vodafone."


I tried calling vodafone but the offices were all closed. I did not authorise for my numnber to be ported out from OPTUS.

I then received a NO CALLER ID call, in which i answered and no one  answered back and immediately hung up.

I then received to two text messages that only showed "f" in the text.


The next morning which is this morning, my service is gone.

I called Vodafone this morning to complain and called Optus as well to complain.

The porting service should be checked via Security questions or by the users ID before being ported.


When you choose to change providers or be ported out it takes days to do but when you havent authorised it takes three hours! How is this possible?? 

I have been with Optus for over 12 years and this has got to be the worse experience. everything else has been great. I choose to stay with OPTUS yet with this error i demand some sort of compensation in which I DID NOT AUTHORISE this port out. PLUS, i do not feel secure since the port out was so easily done. Its lucky nothing else was taken at this time as i have read and seen a lot of  cases where this has happened and ppl have been victims to money stolen etc.


NOT VERY HAPPY OPTUS - you need to fix this somehow and also provide ONLINE forms rather than the user going into the store to complete a form Smiley Indifferent

Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


Optus has no control over this. The code invented by ACMA and the companies says it's the job of the gaining service provider to properly check identity. Vodafone let a crim take your phone number. Aldi for example makes you verify through your bank account, so you can't skip to Aldi. It's a weakest link in the chain problem.


Having said that, you should secure your bank account and credit cards. Ring or go around to them now, and get them put on hold, or reissued. Check Paypal, ebay, amazon, your gmail account, phone contacts sync, itunes. Just cancelling your credit card will stuff them up.

Re: Unauthorised Port Out (twice in 4 weeks!)


Hey @ Shortyz_sky- thanks for getting in touch with us. I can see how this would be a major concern.


Can you please send me a private message confirming your mobile number, full name and DOB?


We'd like to go through some things with you to sort this one out asap. 

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