Unable to use my second Apple Watch with Optus

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I have 2 mobile phones under one account. Mobile A is nicely connected to series 3  watch. 


i have just ordered and received the series 4 watch today. Optus now tells me I cannot use 2 watches with the 2 mobile numbers, because the watches are under a single Account- how extremely bizarre!!! So should I hang my new watch on the showcase at home?


only option is to remove mobile B from the existing Optus account and have it under a separate account but retaining my same number (Thankfully). Only then will I be able to pair an  watch. By the way both have number share option chosen. 


I lose

1) my data pool of over 200gb and will only have the data associated with mobile B

2) I receive a separate bill due to being under a separate account

3) my faith in Optus that they had not advertised this “technical problem” which I was told was only made known to staff last week - early February 2019. Nowhere on their ordering page and FAQs is this mentioned. 

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