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I rolled over onto a new plan almost a month ago and have since been trying my absolute best to set up an optus sport account which is included in the new plan. The website keeps going around in circles and sends me to a check eligibility page and I put my DOB and number and an every time it has said "We've encountered a problem. You can add optus sport from My Account" but when I log onto my account I can't find anywhere that you can set it up. I upgraded my plan specifically to get optus sport as my club has been promoted to the premier league for next season and I wanted to register it and have it all sorted and watch the remainder of this season on the app. So far I have wasted countless hours trying to set up something that should be so simple to do considering it is included in the plan. Someone help please

Re: Unable to set up Optus Sport


Have you spoken to anyone at optus about it? If not, speak to them on Live Chat and they'll get it sorted out for you -

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Re: Unable to set up Optus Sport


Hey @ranko91 - are you still incurring the error when you go the check your eligibility? 


To setup your Optus Sports Account you will need to check your eligibility here


Feel free to private message us if you're still facing the error and I can help set it up for you. Smiley Happy 

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