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New Contributor Greattobehere
New Contributor

Unable to receive SMS from telstra non iphones

I’m writing this post so that if this happens to anybody else; they know they’re not alone and that this is a known problem.

i moved my business number to Optus from Vodafone 13 weeks ago.
unbeknownst to me it would appear I am unable to receive messages from non iPhone using telstra costumers and only bought to my attention by a customer that thought I was ignoring them.
-I have deduced that if it weren’t for iMessage I would be unable to recieve any messages from Telstra companies.
it should be noted I run a small business with in a trade; the phone number is one my website, messages and photo messages are a massive part of anyone’s day to day functioning. It is actively affecting my income.

- I originally reported to apple as feared it was an android to apple problem as only people whose messages I didn’t recieve were android or non iPhone users. Factory reset upgraded softwares, deleted message threads I didn’t want to, restored any previous devices to factory settings list goes on you name it I did it.
-got in contact with Optus; was told I needed to get in contact with previous service provider (vodafone) and ensure that my “broadcast messaging” has been released. It has and why this is my responsibility has yet to be made clear to me. Also replaced SIM card in case of sim issue, no luck.
-subsequently have gotten in touch with Optus to be told my case has been “escalated” and will be made contact with within 72 hours but must wait that time apparently must wait exactly that time before anything will even be addressed or you can speak to any body that may have anything relevant to offer.

I do not currently have a solution all I can offer is

-optus released a fault notice on this exact issue on 17/03/17 but if you try to find it you are redirected to an optus outage page?

-if you google you can find reference to similiar complaints

-if you have reached out to provider you can go to telecommunications ombudsman to help you end your contract


its unlikely I will persevere with optus after this but if I can get it sorted I will post all relevant information here for total transparency 


don’t move your business to optus if you like to maintain your professionalism and operate in the 21st century


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Unable to receive SMS from telstra non iphones

Hi greattobehere,

Thank you for raising this issue. I haven't heard of it before.

What is the fault ticket number that has been escalated? I would like to keep an eye on it and follow up on it where required.

Can you please share the link of the fault notice?

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