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New Contributor apollo
New Contributor

Unable to port out of Optus

Not sure if this is right place to get help but I am at my wit end with Optus porting team.


Have 2 number (A,B) with Optus. Been trying to port out number A to Amaysim. 


1st time: Requested to port out number A.

               Optus ported out incorrect B number. Took a long time to figure out the right procedure for port reversal.

2nd time: Port out A failed. Put in another port out request thinking it probably due to wrong number was ported out.

3rd time: Port out A failed again. Check with Amaysim and was told Optus marked the number A as inactive.

               Weird as it is still active on my hand.

               Checked with Optus and was told there is a cease order on number A.

               Techincal team removed it and assure it is good  to go.

4th time: Port out A failed. Same thing as previous time. Optus still have it as inactive. Was told need to wait 24 hr.

                the other rep didn't mention this at all.

                Once again was assure that it should be ok now. Later that evening, the wrong number B was ported out again

                despite no porting request.


So now I am submitting the port reversal form again to fix number B. and don't even know why Optus unable to port out the correct number A to Amaysim. They are 2 different numbers.


Can any Optus rep here please help ?



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New Contributor apollo
New Contributor

Re: Unable to port out of Optus

Should add my account number is *hidden*.

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