Unable to activate prepaid SIM


I bought 2 optus sim online.

While activating them, getting below error:
 Uh Oh! we're experiencing some technical difficulties, please try again. If error persists, give us a call on 1300 737 252. Reference: PPACT-ID-THREATMETRIX-005


Now, when I call on customere care, I get 2 options:

1) Activate new sim: When I select this it just tells the web address to activate the sim which is not working anyway

2) Existing user: It asks for number which I don't have.


Live chat, I tried for hours but couldn't got hold ogf anyone.


I wanto activate this today itself. 


Can anyone lend a hand in sorting this out??

Re: Unable to activate prepaid SIM


same problem over here. Please help.

Re: Unable to activate prepaid SIM


I also have the same problem!

Re: Unable to activate prepaid SIM


Same here.

Re: Unable to activate prepaid SIM


Yo fix this shitt

Re: Unable to activate prepaid SIM


It’s been happening for days now 😡 and calling doesn’t help your just left on hold waiting, but no one actually answers😡 I’ve been with Optus for a very long time now but this is making me reconsider my telco company.... 

Re: Unable to activate prepaid SIM


Hi all, sorry for any inconvenience caused! We're aware of this issue, our teams are on to it and aim to fix this as soon as possible. No ETR at this stage but we should have an update on this soon.

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Re: Unable to activate prepaid SIM


Same problem over here. Please help. 

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