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NOT HAPPY OPTUS!! Single mother and young toddler confined to their home due to CORONA VIRUS and strict govt community guidelines and social distancing measures in place. Now also STRIPPED OF THE ABILITY TO CONTACT ANYONE for support/incase of emergency!! For what seems to be no reason whatsoever you have, without any warning, taken away my ability to recharge my mobile phone account by any means other than one which, in light of current events will be essentially forcing me to choose between keeping myself and my daughter safe at home but without access to any support or the ability to contact family friends ect through both phone/text or the internet for what would be the foreseeable future.
Or alternatively, (against the advice given by the Victorian government) choose to put myself and my child along with the entire community at risk by leaving my home in order to travel to an Optus store/supermarket/711 ect and physically purchase a pre paid voucher to recharge my mobile phone so that I can continue to access my Optus account and be able to make phone calls, texts and use the internet - when everyone else is able to do it online and without putting anyone at risk. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE JOKE!! Can you please explain this to me?!? I fail to see any logical reasoning behind this limitation being placed on my account.
I am an Australian citizen who is living in Australia, I have been with Optus for close to 15 years now. I have had this current account active and in use for well over a year, maybe two. My account usage has never changed. It is always active and used daily by me alone. I recharge my account at least once a fortnight, although it is often as frequent as once a week. I use the same recharge method each time which is either via PayPal or with my debit card to which there are no current issues. It is my name on the Optus account, this is also the same name on my bank account, PayPal account and printed on my bank/debit card. I have been using these same accounts to recharge with up untill now with no issues so what the hell is the problem?!? I am EXTREAMLY FRUSTRATED by this situation! And this is further exaserbated by the fact that currently it is after hours and therefore I am unable to get through to anyone for assistance and even more rediculously, the 'messaging app' that is offered for use to access assistance during these times is now due to the corona virus outbreak also not running so I am unable to receive any kind of assistance on a matter that id consider to be quite urgent in nature!! how can you subject without warning, a single parent to go a minimum of an entire night without the ability to use her mobile (unless she gets her baby out of bed and drives to purchase a pre paid voucher) while in the middle of a WORLD WIDE HEALTH EPIDEMIC!?!
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Hi Ash,

Its a bit unclear what has happened. Why do you believe you can't recharge online? Does something come up to say you are blocked?

As a short term solution I would suggest just (completely separate from Optus) and order a Boost Mobile $150 which gives you 80Gb for 12 months (or $12.50 a month). You can either port your prepaid number across or just have it as a second SIM to put in your phone. It will be delivered to your door.

Otherwise Optus have prioritised your situation. It may take a wait or several goes (but its not like there's much else to do in isolation) but phone through:

Faster (Perhaps): Dial 133 937. Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm (AEDT) Sat: 9am - 5pm (AEDT)

Perhaps don't press 1 and hold the line, you'll either be on hold and get through to someone or get the standard IVR to enter your service number and follow the prompts and press 3 to cancel. Times can vary from a few minutes to many hours.

Alternatively: Leave a message in the Optus Mobile App (If possible) or try Optus Twitter or Facebook sites.

On the plus side, after two weeks you'll be on the other side of this and able to walk around without a concern.