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Online Community Manager

Try Optus sport now on Optus Prepaid

It’s time to get on the pitch Optus Prepaid customers! From 9 December 2019, Optus Prepaid customers will be able to purchase the Optus Sport Voucher Add on for $5 (previously $10). 

The Optus Sport Add On is only available to purchase via My Optus App and will provide access to all premium content available on Optus Sport. You can view all the T&C’s here.


How can I download the Optus Sport App?
The App can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play store.

How can I buy Optus Sport on Prepaid?

Simply visit My Optus app and select the Optus Sport add on. You will only be able to purchase if you are in an active recharge.

Why are you offering a cheaper Optus Sport subscription?

As a valued Optus Prepaid customer, we want you to enjoy a better deal on Optus Sport premium for just $5. If you want to purchase Optus Sport separately to your prepaid service a Premium Subscription can be purchased for $14.99 per month (rolling 30-day subscription) via the Optus Sport App.

Do I still need to pay for my subscription via the App store or Google Play if I connect to Optus Sport via a Prepaid $5 add on?
No. However, if you connect on your prepaid service, you will also need to cancel your subscription in the App Store or Google Play, otherwise you could be charged twice for your Optus Sport subscription. You can continue to log in with your existing username and password, which should be saved into the application.

How can I cancel my Premium Subscription via App Store or Google Play store?
If you purchased your Premium Subscription through and App Store, you must cancel your subscription via the App Store you purchased it from (App Store or Google Play store). Note that your subscription will continue until the end of your current 30-day billing period. Minimum subscription is one month, and you will be billed for a full month unless you cancel before the monthly billing date.

Will I be able to use Optus Sport without using my data?

Customers who have purchased an Optus Sport subscription can watch live games and on-demand Optus Sport content without using their plan’s data.  App browsing, authentication and analytics as well as advertising, like pre-roll ads however will count towards your plan data because these ads are not delivered in the same way as live and on-demand content. You’ll also need to have a positive MyData/MyAccount balance, including to access the app.  

How can I cancel my prepaid subscription?
Once you have purchased a $5 Prepaid subscription you will have premium access to Optus Sport for the full 28 days. Once 28 days is up your premium subscription won’t be renewed until you visit My Optus app and purchase another $5 add on.

What are the ways I can watch?
Optus Sport is available to view on mobile, tablet and laptop across compatible Windows, iOS and Android platforms.  TV screen viewing is available via your Fetch, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, XBOX One, Amazon FireTV devices.

What viewing quality are the Optus Sport streams?
Optus Sport is delivered using Adaptive Bitrate Streaming technology at a resolution of up to 720p. Optus Sport will work best when you have internet bandwidth of 3Mbps or greater (7Mbps or greater for 2nd Generation Fetch boxes). Note that the use of other internet applications on the same internet connection at the same time may cause a degradation in video quality.

Streaming quality is dependent on your device and service provider and on the speed of your internet connection.

Can I watch games or use the Optus Sport App overseas or if my device is jailbroken/rooted?
No. All Optus Sport content must be viewed in Australia and will not function if your device has been jailbroken/rooted.

Does Optus Sport work outside of an active recharge?
You need to be within an active recharge period to be able to purchase the Optus Sport add on.  If you are not within an active recharge, purchase the $5 Optus Sport add on via My Optus app.

Is the Prepaid $5 Add for Optus Sport Available on Coles Prepaid or Optus Prepaid Mobile Broadband?

Unfortunately not, you need to be on a Optus Prepaid mobile plan. 

I’m currently a premium customer paying $14.99 per month. Can I redeem this offer?

Active premium customers are able to redeem this offer; however, they will need to cancel their current premium subscription via the App Store/Google Play in order to not be double charged.

Can I purchase a Optus Sports add on in store?
No,  the only way to purchase the $5 Optus Sport add on is via My Optus app.

How will I know when my Optus Sport Add on will expire?
The $5 Prepaid Optus Sport Add on will expire within 28 days, if a Prepaid customer is wanting to gain access to premium content via Optus Sport again after the 28 days has expired they will see a lock icon on premium content within the Optus Sport app and will need to purchase another $5 Prepaid Optus Sport Add on via My Optus App. Alternatively check the entertainment section within your My Optus app balance screen to see if you have a valid premium subscription