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Travel packs on big plans




I am on the $105 plan and cannot buy extra data for overseas travel?


I have been informed that I have 4 options;


1) purchase a local sim card (lose my number, Pixel 3 has 1 sim + eSim)

2) increase my plan to the $125 for 4 Gb of data (not enough data)

3) only use the 2 Gb included in the $105 plan (not enough data)

4) pay $1 per Mb for any extra use (scary)


Is there a way to add more data to my account for the 12 days I will be away?


Ideally I would like upwards of 10Gb per day and to keep my current number, sounds a lot but my current account gives me 233Gb of mobile data and I love and use it Smiley Happy


Any chance Google lets Optus activate my eSim?  Use Optus for the eSim and a local for the physical or vice versa?




Re: Travel packs on big plans


Presume its pixel 3 and not 3a series as that works on esim unofficially. 


In regards to data packs - was one launched recently but that was prepaid.

10gb a day roaming is not financially practical at $1 per Mb.


Only suggestion is to get a local wifi hotspot in the country where you are staying. 

Even then you may not get 10gb a day from that. 

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Re: Travel packs on big plans


Presumably if you're travelling you might want to experience the country rather than watch a lot youtube videos? i.e. you probably don't need as much data as when home? Regardless with amounts like that your only resonable option is getting a local SIM (Or order one online before you got). Lots of data for not much $. Get your friends / family onto Whatsapp or the like. 


Peter Gillespie

Re: Travel packs on big plans




looks like the hotspot is the best option at the moment, means carrying another device though  : (


Re: Travel packs on big plans


Thanks Peter,


I will be working while away and also need to be contactable by phone. Looks like the best option will be a local device hotspotted to my phone, that way I can get data on a local number and calls on my current number through one device.

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