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Travel Pack Confusion

Poor form Optus.

My wife is on her way OS and purchased a travel pack yesterday. Before boarding we checked international roaming was set. All fine. Then we wanted to check the travel pack purchase had gone through and was available.


Guess what?


Nowhere in the app is there any thing  to advise if your travel pack has been processed. Can order a new one instead. Does this mean when my wife is state side she will discover her phone isn't connected? Does it mean the payment wasn't processed?


Well - no way to tell. Like there should be a message saying "no current travel pack". If one has been purchased it ought to say "travel pack valid from DATE to DATE.


So I try to ring at 6.30 am to discuss INTERNATIONAL ROAMING issues. Spent 5 minutes going through repetitive and duplicative menues on the phone. Call center closed.


Seriously poor service. Unimpressed.


Add that to all the billing issues I have had and I am thinking Telstra again (omg!) Their international service isn't cheap, but at least you know you have it.


Not a satisfied customer today. Does anyone have any tips (other than another service provider)?

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Re: Travel Pack Confusion

Your wife can free call +61 2 8082 5678 from anywhere when she touches down.


Phone support does close down but you can usually contact LIVECHAT 24/7. 


Alternatively if your wife doesn't need to be called on her Oz number, she could get a local SIM with data (that you can talk to others via various apps)




Peter Gillespie


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