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Total Monthly Data 5x More than Daily Use Breakdown

Dear Optus,


I am currently on a $40/15GB plan after changing in December last year from the $59 3GB plan for many years where I had no issues whatsoever. However, I am writing on this forum to inform you of the poor customer service I have received in trying to address an ongoing issue that you have been unable and unwillingly tried to address via your phone customer service.


While I was in hospital, having surgery and my phone is switched off your alerts appeared on my phone when I turned it back on informing me that I had spent over 16GB of data (see below screenshot) and that you were able to assist by charging me an extra $10 for each extra GB of data I went over 15GB. NOTE: this occurred while the phone was off.




To check the current data I had been using I went over to the Daily Usage Bar Charts (see below screenshots) where I discovered over the month I had used less than 3GB of data, which I have previously reported to your Customer Service Team who said someone would call me back but never did. As you can see from the below this is 5x the data I am currently using meaning I am only getting 1/5th of the Data Allowance I am currently paying for.





As you can imagine from a Hospital Bed, recovering from surgery, this is quite a difficult thing to deal with so my Husband called your Customer Service Team yesterday (3/02/18) which I have done on numerous occasions to try and see if this can be addressed based on this information that your own App is providing me.


See below the summary of the phone call he had with your Customer Service Team:

  • First Person unable to assist, to be forwarded to Manager
  • On Hold for 50 minutes
  • Directed to another Customer Service Officer, not the Manager, Redirected to Manager
  • Manager unable to assist, redirected to their Manager
  • Redirected to Customer Service Officer again
  • Unable to assist until I am charged, redirected to the Manager we haven’t spoken with yet
  • On Hold for 40 minutes
  • Manager unable to assist
  • Unable to do anything until my Bill comes through and you charge me
  • Asked if Wi-Fi-Assist is on as supposedly this can chew up data, this is off (see below screenshot)


  • Customer Service Manager said I would need to call back once a Bill comes through
  • Promised an email address to document to assist in documenting this issue would be sent my mobile phone number, this did not occur which is why I am writing on this Forum

Based on the above conversation you had with my Husband I can tell that you're not going to try and help me unless I write this to you so that it is documented and visible for you to see instead of not providing me with the required Customer Support I am supposed to receive.


Please respond to me via phone and email that this issue is being looked into and will be addressed or I shall have send this to the relevant Fair Trading Ombudsmen and let them deal with it.


This has been an issue since I started on this plan and it has not been addressed by you despite my numerous calls to your Customer Service Team. I am thoroughly disappointed that you're unable to assist in ensuring that one of your customers is getting the full work of the product you're providing.

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Re: Total Monthly Data 5x More than Daily Use Breakdown

Hope the recovery is going well.


Unfortunately posting here isn't 'contacting' Optus so you will need to persist with LIVECHAT or PHONE to resolve the problem.


Personally I find it extremely poor that Optus provide no method of controlling the data top ups they provide. Especially given the frequency of them going off the rails (either warning SMS too late, Apps reporting incorrect usage, free data, customers phone acting up, accidental overuse, theft, etc.) The list is long and the winners are almost always Optus (That will be another $10 please). Sorting the issue as you've found can be much more effort than its worth (unless you vallue the principle of the matter)


The main suggestion I would have for you is to wait. Optus is made up of diverse and disparate systems behind the scenes and its possible for them to get out of wack. Until a bill is actually raised and a charge applied most Optus staff can't resolve much. Applying a credit is a lot easier than trying to work out what went wrong in the bowels of Multivac.




Peter Gillespie


PS You should set up on phone data warning and limits (android) or at least reset you data usage counter each month (Apple).

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