Too smart to be scammed?


Are you too smart to be scammed?

Optus is proud to be a partner of Scams Awareness Week 2019.


Australians made over 378 000 scam reports in 2018, with more than $489 million reported lost.

This year we’re encouraging you to ask yourself, are you too smart to be scammed? Test your knowledge on scams and find out more at

Re: Too smart to be scammed?

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Given many scams involve accessing a persons email or phone its probably pertinant to ask if Optus has taken the test themselves?


1) Does Optus offer two factor Authentication as additional security to accounts or email

2) Does Optus have a built in email account recovery process?

3) Does Optus make unsolicited cold calls, sms and emails to customers that begin with requesting customer details for ID purposes?

4) Does Optus send a confirmation code SMS to a customers registered mobile as part of the security checks before accessing / changing accounts?

5) Does Optus have a dedicated scam / fraud response phone line where accounts can be quickly locked and damage limited etc.

6) Does Optus send a clear and up front notification / SMS to customers who have "requested" a phone number be ported out?

7) Does Optus have options to automatically limit data usage / phone calls in the event of a lost / stolen phone?


The unfortunate fact is that even with every customer on the field and playing defence the opposition is still going to get through. The question is do we have a goalie? 


Peter Gillespie

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