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New Contributor murdant
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The worst customer service and that is saying a lot!

Frustrated vent here. Does anyone else think that Optus' customer service has gone down hill? It is beyond the pale at the moment. After actually praising the customer service Optus has provided me the last few years, my current experiences have made the company look like a joke. Whoever is in charge has obviously left the building and handed the keys to the inmates of a lunatic asylum!

I've spoken to an operator, gave up almost an hour of my work time, only to have been billed incorrectly and more expensively and thats not the least of it. Since then I've had two live chat sesssions on my mobile trying to fix it, which is fun trying type it all, which have been cut off without any answers/or resolutions. Lets not even talk about the Live chat links on the website as they don't even work. Sorry, the 'Call us' link under technical support does, it provides a ph number. Is this a ploy to push people to the app?

I've lodged two complaints, one via the online complaint form and one directly via email, over two weeks ago and no answer, not even 'we've received your submisssion'.

I simply want some clarification about my mobiles services, which are more than what I signed up for via the Optus website and why I'm still being charged for Fetch, when I've already paid it off. It shouldn't be this hard.

Ombudsman here I come. Ha ha, I've just tried to submit my post and it tells me I'm not allowed to use Ombudsman in the tags, sums it up nicely!

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Re: The worst customer service and that is saying a lot!

In regards to Fetch on Optus - you never own the device, its basically a rental of the device itself.

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