The new MyAccount web page is a disaster


After the system upgrade (or downgrade???), the new MyAccount web page is a disaster. 


Everything is messy and slow now, less info is being displayed, so mobile no. even are missing or can't be loaded up.


The previous version was not very good compared to the "previous previous" version. However, the new version this time is just a mess. Why Optus is spending money on this piece of jxxk, while increasing the price for everything? Extremely disappointed.

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Totally agree! It's not just the design that is crap I feel like I'm on an Easter egg hunt trying to find anything.

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Optus please bring back the old web site and stop messing with your customers. Thanks.

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Have to agree, went to myaccount dashboard - only shows one of the three mobiles attached to that account and some unknown 8 digit number which proudly tells me that:-


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I believe that Optus simply ignores this thread and pretend not to see our complaints.


Although the online systems of Telstra and Vodafone are not very user friendly, but Optus new system is the only one which is buggy and can't do what it is supposed to do.


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Yes the Telstra account portal is not much chop either however things aren't that difficult to find and the data usage (important to me) is extremely quick to update.

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Still no response from Optus? I think I need to create a post every few days to remind Optus to fix their so called "upgraded" system.

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Hi @andylch,


I don't think much has changed in terms of functionality in My Account over the course of the last couple of years. There's plenty going in the background. 

We're in the process of migrating services to a new billing/service platform. We first migrated mobile services (with the last few batches due to go through soon).


We'll then be migrating fixed services to the same platform. In some instances, you'll find that a select number of your services have been migrated whilst others are still pending.

New services have a brand-new account number starting with 6. Those on our legacy platform have an account number beginning with an 8 or 9. 

If you have services running on our new and old platform. You’ll see a dropdown menu where you can select and manage the service that’s running on our old platform.
Things will improve, it’s not a quick process when we’re dealing with subscriptions in the millions. 

We're changing the way your bills look. 


We’re currently performing upgrades to the Yes Crowd platform.

Please be mindful that moderator responses may be delayed until the upgrade is complete. We apologise for any inconvenience during this time.

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My below message was removed by someone for the 2nd time, and no one from Optus told me what's the problem:




Dear Moderator,


Have you ever used MyAccount frequently by yourself? I highly doubt.


The 2nd last version (around 3 years ago) was very fast and responsive, font size was smaller so that everything was in a glance.


The last version changed the design and made everything much slower, font size was huge so that you need to scroll again and again, which also made it very hard to browse on mobile devices.


The new version is much inferior which can't even show all of my mobile no. correctly. For nearly 2 weeks, I still have few on the new platform and few on the old platform. On the new platform, for those mobile no. can't be displayed, they will be shown as some meaningless account no. without further details. If you don't bookmark the link of the good-old interface, you will never find out the missing no. In fact, customers never care about account no., we just care about our mobile no.


The inferior new version can't show your call details correctly and many of the $ value / recharge are missing too. 


Please escalate to your boss and tell him that many customers are not happy with the broken and inferior new version.


BTW, if your old interface was working fine, why your company is wasting resources to move to an inferior and buggy new version? If you don't have a ready-to-run complete system to be rolled out, please don't squeeze things out bit by bit, we are not your lab rats.


Such a big company even don't have the capable people to write a working system with basic functionalities? And customer service and marketing staffs are having issue to understand what customers want and handle the complaints effectively? Still very disappointed by what Optus is doing now.

Re: The new MyAccount web page is a disaster


Hmm strange that your post disappeared along with the Kudo that I gave it. Smiley Indifferent

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