Re: The Worst Ordering Experience - Optus


Thanks for the response @Dan_C


But unfortunately Optus failed to provide that message to details at the get go to give me a heads up there will be delays.


I got the SMS “Hi there, due to high demand, there has been a delay with your Huawei Mate10 Pro delivery. You are phone will be delivered by approximately 29th Jan 2018”, after I followed up during my work hours when I was advised I would receive my handset “before next year”.


I’ve been with Optus since 09 and have had no issues until now.


There should be more transparency and more of a heads up before upgrading to an "in progress" plan… just providing polite feedback.

Re: The Worst Ordering Experience - Optus


Completely understand where you're coming from, @CC12P. This is certainly not the type of experience that we would've hoped for you to have and my apologies again for any inconvenience that this has caused - Miles


Re: The Worst Ordering Experience - Optus


Agree with you ... similar experience - ordered thru Livechat and I was given a weborder number ..... but a week later tried to find the status , they could not find my order! I was promised a status within the same day....nothing for 3 days now! worst experience! How do they survive ?

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