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New Contributor Lionhearted
New Contributor

Temporary Order Number

I wonder if someone could answer why I get a temporary order number every time I order something online.

when I already have an account with yourselves through my business

Thanks in advance for the reply

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Regular Contributor
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Re: Temporary Order Number

It's just the way the Optus Sale system works, sometimes if you order over the phone, they can process a real order number there and then, but otherwise its a Internal Web form that goes to back of house to process.  Best thing to do, would be to follow up via Live Chat with the Sales Team, or via Phone and see if they can esculate, or process the order for you.  It appears to be a Sales ploy the last few times I've signed up, to have someone ring me back to confirm, and then give me the upsell for more products while they process the order.  

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