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Temporarily blocking mobile data on kids phone

Is there a process of temporarily blocking mobile data on kids phone via remote access or through Optus account ?

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Re: Temporarily blocking mobile data on kids phone

Hi there @BigMoose69, thanks for posting on YesCrowd. 

From a customer self-service standpoint, this can only be done by managing mobile data settings on the handset itself and switching it off. 

Of course, this may prove ineffective if your child knows how to switch mobile data back on through the handset's settings. 

The other option is getting in touch with our Support Teams where they can disable mobile data on the service entirely, even if it's switched on or off on the handset. Should you request this, you'd then have to get back in touch with our Support Team to re-enable it when needed. 

If you'd like for this to be arranged, you can contact our 24x7 Experts via Messaging in the My Optus App

If for some reason you're unable to use the app, please send a PM to the official Optus Facebook page or Twitter page and the team can also arrange this for you. 

It may also be worth checking out our Family Hub which mentions our Optus Family and Optus Kids Plans. These plans come with a subscription to McAfee® Safe Family App included at no additional cost which allows you to manage your kids’ device use including content restrictions, screen time rules and location tracking.

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