Tap Gamez unsolicited SMS

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I just received these two SMS from this number: +1 978-920-3


Never signed up for anything and haven't downloaded any new apps in a long long time. Pretty curious as to how this is possible. I've responded with STOP and forwarded the details to the ACMA. Is there anything else I should do?


FreeMsg: Welcome to Tap Gamez subscription costs $9.99/wk for 100 games. Opt-out send STOP to 19789203 HELP:1300663201


FreeMsg: Your subscription to Tap Gamez costs $9.99/wk charged to your mobile account. Opt-out send STOP to 19789203 HELP:1300663201

Re: Tap Gamez unsolicited SMS


Optus sends your phone number to them, when you browse their web page.




Re: Tap Gamez unsolicited SMS


Hey mgee, have a read over this page here for more info on premium content services. 


If you never signed up for anything, come through our Customer Care chat and we can dispute the charges.





Re: Tap Gamez unsolicited SMS


Same thing happened to me this weekend, shocked to see my bill with additional 45 bucks for Tap Gamez which I did not subsribe.


I hope someone from optus can help me dispute these charges.

Re: Tap Gamez unsolicited SMS


Hey there @Cesar, we definitely can help!

If you still need a hand, please chat with us HERE so we can check it out for you.

I'd also recommend taking a look at our page on these charges HERE which gives you a bit more info about them, 

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