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Take the 'Support' out of Optus Chat Support - disappointed

 The chat "support" service is usually my go to when I want a quick answer or good online deals (have used it for the past few years).

I had initially asked about upgrading my phone on my current plan which Spencer S had answered and was happy with the answer (after having to clarify his answers). He had advised that I needed to pay a handset repayment fee for one of the mobile numbers linked to the plan.
OK I thought, so its just that number I needed to pay the handset repayment confirm I had to RE-CONFIRM the statement he had provided

ME: "is that $$$.$ each repayment fee or just for the 04XXXXXX? so on my 04123XXXX i can upgrade for free?"
Spencer: "Its for both the numbers."
ME: "ok so $$$$ for both numbers"
Spencer: "$$$$ for each number."
ME: "ok thank you for the clarification."


I then wanted to know whether there was any international roaming promotions.

Spencer advised that they have roaming promotions on selected plans where you can get unlimited talk and text during roaming.

I though GREAT! So my next question was "what are the roaming promotions that apply to my plan?"

Spencer continued that "Its included in the plan" and "If you want to add the roaming pack, you need to add it separately and our service team will add that".


Confused at this stage, I confirmed...AGAIN (from what he was implying) that I did not have a roaming promotions plan. 
He suggested I follow a link he was going to provide.
So I suggested he provide a complaints link as well. To my amazement he then answered the question and confirmed that I did not have roaming plan applied to my plan.


Suggestion to the optus team:

1. Train your staff to understand the questions put forward to them and ensure that the answers they are supplying to their customers

   a) Dont confuse them by re-iterating the statement supplied to them

   b) Straight forward and actually ANSWERS the question

   c) Spencer could have simply said "you currently dont have any roaming plan on your current plan, we can suggest something to suit you" OR "I cant unfortunately add the roaming plan to your current plan at the moment as there is a dedicated team who can assist you with that"


2. To be supportive to your customers how about asking questions like "where do you plan to use this international roaming and for how long are you planning to use it overseas?" i can better assist you.
Dont just send a link to read (EVERYONE CAN DO THEIR OWN RESEARCH) the point of Optus Chat "Support" is to provide support to your customers.....right?

I had many more questions to ask your chat "support" but the fustration of having to ask a question and re-confirm my answer was coming to a boiling point.


3. Maybe think about re-naming your Optus Chat "Support" to just Optus Chat. If you dont plan on "supporting" your customers online then the "support" is false advertisement.
You've introduced the "Yes Crowd" forum so I'm sure the community are able to "support" each other effectively.


Happy to provide the transcript of the chat "support"

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Re: Take the 'Support' out of Optus Chat Support - disappointed

Ah jeez, definitely doesn't sound like a good experience at all 😕 Apologies @Jeff1018 I'll gladly pass any feedback on. Did you have your roaming query all resolved?

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