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TIO Reference: 2020/01/11841 RE: OPTUS REFERENCE NUMBER: COM 1339-3567774

I last spoke to Justin Blatchford on Thursday 21.03.20 about discrepancies on my lastest bill. He advised me he would fix these up and apply a credit to my account. I paid my bill, but am yet to receive any information regarding the credit. I am hopeful the issue will be corrected for my next bill? If you check my file I have experienced nothing but issues with my service from Optus in 2020. Justin has been very helpful, but because I have not yet heard anything and have phoned about 10 times over the past fortnight and left messages, I thought I would try this avenue.  I will also send him an email today in this regard.

In addition to this the service from Optus  keeps dropping out and having 'SOS only' moments. 3 of my office colleagues, also with Optus, are experiencing this also. 

So you could say that this year the service I have received from Optus has been less than satisfactory. 

If someone could please contact me regarding these issues ASAP that would be fantastic.


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Honoured Contributor

Re: TIO Reference: 2020/01/11841 RE: OPTUS REFERENCE NUMBER: COM 1339-3567774

This is a public forum. No one can access your billing details and no one will get back to you via here. Currently Optus are only dealing with the most critical issues at the moment (as they are now severely understaffed) You will probably have to wait some time before you can get through. If the matter has been resolved then I'd suggest you wait for the next bill before trying again.