TIO Complaint not resolved - made worse


Hi, Not sure what to do. I thought when we go to TIO we would get our issue resolved. At least then Optus will listen. Any help would be great! I will make this in point form to track easier and read easier. # Contacted Optus to get my number moved over from my old jop/company to a new account under my new business Via chat. The Customer Representative signed me up on a 24-month contract but on a Consumer plan and told me after my number is ported to do a change of ownership to my business. # Contacted Optus same day asked for the phone type to change from an iPhone 64GB to 256GB because timeframe changed from 3 weeks to 1 week. Good because I stopped working at my old job so had to move my number out of their account ASAP. # A week goes by and I log in to check my order status. It is no longer there. I contact chat asking what is going on she said that they will check and get back to me in a couple of hours. # 2 hours pass and no contact from Optus. Get on chat again and ask to speak to a manager. Manager says he will look into and get back to me. # 2 days later and same speech from 2 other managers and no callback. I am cutting this a little short. False promises and incorrect information was provided. * Remember - Important * Managers told me that I will receive the phone before the port is requested. # Raise a TIO complaint because I was getting nowhere with Optus. I am advised someone will be in touch from Optus within 2 weeks. # While waiting 2 weeks for TIO Optus team to get in touch I get a new account number so I am back in the queue. # About 3 weeks and bit goes past. My number still on a company account but I no longer work there. Finally get contacted by a TIO Optus Team Representative named Tony M. Tony tells me "Only require an account number and phone number" for port. He will look into it and get back to me. OK. # Same day a Optus Representative from the Porting Team calls me and says the port is rejected and I should do a change of ownership to my name. I tell them I am speaking to a TIO Optus Team Rep. and he told me that is not required. # I find it confusing that 3 managers tell me I receive my phone before the port and now they are trying to port my number without me even having a sim card from Optus. My number is currently on Telstra. # Tony M. contacts me and tells me that the account number I provided was incorrect. Told him what the porting team told me and he tells me to let him look into it. So I contacted my old work and double checked. Emailed him the account number. Primary and secondary. # 2 more times I get a call from Optus Porting Team and same thing. Change of Ownership to personal. # Tony M. told me on the phone if things don't work he has an avenue to get this port happening. # I trust the TIO guy with his promises. But another week goes by (This is 5 weeks since the beginning) and finally Tony M. gets back to me. He tells me that the port is not working. It has been 5 weeks, my trust in TIO Team is let down so I am frustrated. I tell him stuff this, cancel my other service iPad Service because I dont want anything to do with Optus. He tells me then I have to return my iPad or pay $600. I tell him I am not returning a iPad which I paid half for and not paying Optus $600. Then I hang up. Frustrated! Bad! Worst Service ever! # I have a minute or two off the phone. Calm down. I email him telling him professionally what a awful service Optus has provided and also not to cancel my number or my request because I need to move my number. I no longer work at the old company. 5 weeks. # 1 hour later I get a email that my service has cancelled and I owe Optus $600 and something $$$. From me going to TIO for help to owing money to them. What a service. I dont know what to do? Cant expect managers to help because how many managers have told me they would and never called me back. Cant expect TIO team to help because, well, you have read the whole story. I cant afford to pay $600. Also my number still on the old company account. Lucky my old company is cool and I am paying. Can someone give me their advise or someone from Optus help? I am not going to let this go... it is my personal mission. Tony M really really upset me... trusted his false promises for 2 weeks and now I owe Optus $600. I have all the chat conversation emailed to me and date and times I have spoken to Tony M.

Re: TIO Complaint not resolved - made worse


That is an awful experience and service by Optus! Hope they sort this out.

Re: TIO Complaint not resolved - made worse


Thank you for your reply. It has been over a week since I posted this trying to get someones attention for help at Optus and no one has contacted me. I think on Tuesday I will contact TIO again. 

Re: TIO Complaint not resolved - made worse


Further more, this has caused me a lot of destress. I am currently waiting for Hip Replacement surgery. 

Re: TIO Complaint not resolved - made worse




As someone who worked in the industry for many years let me give you some advise, A level 1 TIO complaint means nothing, the TIO doesn't follow up on it and closes it under the assumption all is good.


Speak to them again they will re-open as a level 2 complaint.  Which is basically the TIO saying "Hey this isn't fixed, WTF?"


If it's still not resolved from that you can take it to a level 3 complaint - at this level the TIO will get somewhat involved to the point they may make a recommendation to the provider on what they consider a fair outcome(if the provider asks).


Finally if that doesn't do it you can go to Level 4 where the TIO actually makes a decision.


Each time you raise one of these the TIO will give you the timeframe the provider has to contact you - in the case of a level 1 this is 10 business days. If they have not contacted you within this time go straight back to the TIO lodge as the next level.


So my advise would be go back to the TIO get them to re-open as level 2 and go through the process again - as this is an active TIO cased they should not be able to take any funds that are in despute.


On the upside for you it costs optus more with each level it raises so hey, get this to level 4 and even if the TIO agrees with them it will have cost them more in TIO fees than what they're arguing about.



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The hard part is here, you’ve taken the long way around this and also made changes whilst the order is inflight making it much more difficult.


I would have approached this as:

1. Change the ownership of the number to your business name on a no contract plan

2. Submitted the upgrade request with the handset


the problem here is, you’ve done the upgrade and change ownership in one step, then changed the upgrade step to something different which has caused the order to fail.


now the TIO aren’t a “do as I say service”, they are an advocacy service. If you feel Optus has not responded appropriately to your original TIO complaint, then please contact the TIO and advise the matter remains outstanding and unresolved. They will then allocate it to an officer to investigate. Note, given the time of year, do not expect an immediate response. 

I'm a Yes-Crowd Contributor, not an Optus Employee, and I contribute on a voluntary basis. Did someone on Yes Crowd answer your question? Did they share a great tip Please remember to acknowledge their awesomeness by throwing a Kudo and or Accepted Solution their way.

Re: TIO Complaint not resolved - made worse


Oscarm and Jereral_Pain, thank you for your advise. I will contact TIO as I havent received any communication from Optus. I even asked one of the moderators here to contact Optus on my behalve to get help but havent heard anything back from Optus. Moderator did say they will follow up. 

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