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Sync contacts with Google


I've just started using a Optus X Smart phone. First I imported contacts from my existing SIM. I have a contact list on Google which has some recent additions, and I want to add the new contacts to my phone. Settings > Accounts > Google > Contacts results in the "Last synced" date and time changing to now, but the contacts list still does not contain the new entries from my Google list.

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So you've used the Google contacts app?


Import your contacts. Open up theContacts app, click the menu icon (often three dots at the top right-hand corner) and select "Import/export". Next you need to select "Import from SIM card", which will allow you to take the names and numbers that you have saved on your smartphone'sSIM card


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Re: Sync contacts with Google


Maybe I'm confused here. I've used the Google contacts app on my PC. If I touch "Contacts" on my phone, I get the contacts which are on my SIM. What I want to do is update the phone contacts so they match the Google ones. I thought this would happen automatically with Sync, but it doesn't.


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Sounds like you need to open your contacts, go to settings, select contacts to display and then Google

That's on my android phone so could be slightly different depending on the make of phone.




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