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Swapping numbers between phone plans on same account

Hi guys,


I have two phone plans under the same account. Both under contract, one includes a handset + plan, the other is a sim only 12 month contract.
Is it possible to swap the numbers associated with the plans i.e the number attached to the handset phone plan be moved to the sim only plan and the sim only plan number be moved to the handset plan. The inclusions on both plans are different and the sim only plan inclusions would be better utilised by the other number.

So no change in contracts. I have seen posts before where people suggest Optus can do this for $55 service fee?



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Re: Swapping numbers between phone plans on same account

If you do find a Yes answer let us know here. 


Unfortunately from experience, Optus won't swap numbers between plans. I've tried several times between two plans but have always been emphatically told its a no can do. Your only option is to pay out any End Of Contract fee and then sign both phone's up to one of the current plans if they're suitable.


Its a pity as it means I will have to wind up my Optus mobile accounts. I've always thought they we're great value and so long as you were'nt too regional offered coverage just as good as any other Telco.


Peter Gillespie

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