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New Contributor

Swap the number of prepaid plan and postpaid plan

I wonder can i swap the number of my prepaid plan with the number of my postpaid plan?

I now own both two numbers, but i don't want to use the prepaid plan and i want to use the postpaid plan with the phone number of the prepaid plan. Is it possible?

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Retired Employee
Retired Employee

Re: Swap the number of prepaid plan and postpaid plan

@Jkong, your best bet would be a post-paid to prepaid transfer. You'd then need to cancel the existing prepaid service.


That's really the only option I can think of. Are you currently in contract?


I'd suggest reaching out to our live chat team


They'll submit the Post-prepaid transfer for you. They can also action the cancellation of the existing prepaid service.

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