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Suspected problems with new Huawei phone

Hi all,


I am looking for some advice. Recently, I have been having frequent issues operating my new Huawei Nova 3i. It seems to be sluggish, like pausing when opening or force closing apps (or not even registering that I force closed an app and have to do it again), and general slowdowns at times. It also seems to have a problem with notifications, either they are delayed by a few minutes sometimes (or longer), or don't show up at all. I even have to open the apps to view what I should have been notified about sometimes, as I get the same notifications on my Ipad instantly, every time.


I have previous factory reset the phone to try and fix these problems, but it hasnt worked. I suspect its the latest update causing all this, but the phone can't be updated further and there is no word about EMUI 9 coming for this device (my aunt has the same phone and already has the update but it is not from Optus).


I am unwilling to go into an Optus store to try and explain what has been happening, as I am not very good with talking to people about this type of stuff. I also don't really want to break the contract as the handset payout cost is still quite a bit and I am only about 4 months what should I do?

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Re: Suspected problems with new Huawei phone

If you believe the phone is faulty, the store can arrange to have it sent off for repairs/replacement under warranty, assuming you haven't installed any custom firmware (aka "rooted") on the device.


Did you install anything on your device after resetting it when these slow downs became more noticable?

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