Strange garbled 'alien' noises on call


Hello! I have been experiencing a strange issue for the past couple of months. During phone calls, I hear a garbled noise that sounds like an alien. The person on the other end of the call can hear the noise, and in most cases the call then disconnects after a few seconds (and when it doesn't the noise just continues until one of us hang up..). The noise generally occurs in the first ten minutes of the phone call. I use my phone mainly for work purposes and find this happens multiple times a day. It doesn't matter where I am located, it happens everywhere! I have been into Optus to try and get help, but all they could do was replace my SIM card which hasn't fixed anything. My phone is only 8 months old and in perfect condition - never dropped it etc. Would really appreciate any advice, as it is becoming impossible to have a professional conversation when my phone is always making this noise! 

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Sounds like your phone. Can you try the Sim in someone else's phone and see if you have the same problem?

Otherwise blame the Russians for hacking into your account and telling Donald Trump all your personal details.


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Re: Strange garbled 'alien' noises on call


Hi I too have been having the same issue. Quite embarrassing and happens in the middle of taking bookings for our business. Totally unacceptable. Went into Optus locally and was told yes, that’s happening to quite a few people. They had no solution. What is Optus going to do about it?

Re: Strange garbled 'alien' noises on call


Happened two times to me today, calling a family member. It went alien and hung up. New phone. Never had this happen before. 

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Really odd Smiley Frustrated


It just happened the one time and never since? 


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Re: Strange garbled 'alien' noises on call


This has been happening for over 10 years and it’s the exact same sound played exactly the same way on every phone across all devices across all providers throughout the world 🤔

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It happened to me three times!

First time, about two years ago, I was on the phone with my little sister. We had been talking for several tens of minutes when suddenly I couldn't hear her anymore. I heard very weird noises, at first noises like electronic signal, I don't know, like the noises aliens makes in bad alien movies haha, and then I heard people breathing very loudly. After a minute or two I hung up the phone and then called her back. She heard the same thing and she immediatly thought of aliens too, I was so weird. And then a few minutes later it happened again. We were like ok, it must be one of our phones, nothing to worry about lol.

Then a few months later, I was talking with her again. My sister now had a different phone. Same thing, same weird noises which persisted until I hung up. Super weird. Until recently we were still joking about it as "the times we heard aliens" X)

And THEN! A few days ago, I was in my car and on the phone with my mother. I now also have a different phone, with a different company. And it happened. And again, my sister was just next to my mother (I didn't know) and she heard the noises through the phone (it was VERY loud) and she immediatly reacted like "OMG ALIENS AGAIN?"

It is super weird because I talk on the phone every day, and it only seems to happen when my sister is on the other end of the line...

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