Re: Strange Text claiming to be Optus


Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reassurance.


I'm still reluctant to trust this sort of thing. The tiny url doesn't mean much to me and I don't know the "5678" number but it seemed fishy. my fear was that replying to it would confirm that my number is real and active to someone who I don't want having that knowledge.


Maybe I'm being paranoid but I'll always err on the side of caution. 


Re: Strange Text claiming to be Optus

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We'll never directly email or SMS asking for personal details (that's usually the hint)


And what is being hinted at? The moment you respond to the these emails or SMS Optus then ask for personal details. In fact demand them before proceeding further. FWIW most phishing scams these days use 90% of the legimital websites/SMS details (like providing the opt out link)  Such details are just window dressing to the scam.


Its not just Optus obviously. Today I applied online for a loan. ANZ duely contacted me and before proceeding past hello demanded my Full Name, DOB and Address. When I said I was uncomfortable providing this information they provided a phone number I could ring back on. This seemed good except when I queried if it was the ANZ main number they told me it was just the direct number back to them (and I would hear a recorded statement that I was ringing the ANZ). 


In this day and age its not good enough for a large company to keep inducing its customers to provide essentially complete access details to their accounts on a cold call. If someone has my Name, DOB and Address then Optus will on request happily reset my (fictional) 35 digit password from 3jfgdhj&%$ddjekfdjh^dgejs)(ghdj%sh!!MNgd to doggy. 


Optus presumably wants to be a corporate citizen. Trust worthy and secure. Instead it seems wedded to making a finiancial quick buck while leaving the occassional customer completely exposed.


Peter Gillespie

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