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Happy to check this out for you, @Lexicon308. Could you please PM us with your service number, full name and DOB so that I can take a look?

Re: Strange Text Message - What to do?




Obviously you did not pass on any feedback to team, or was is just some PR?

I got charge multiples of 9.99 for something i NEVER approved. I contacted optus chat and said this:

my credit (prepaid) is in the care of optus, not for them to work with lowlife to reach into my pocket.

My money is deposited into optus to be debited whenever i use optus's services.


Theres a lot of forum discussions worldwide about telco's behaviour. The underlying messages is Telcos

are themselves scammers and thieving scum, just like the so called "content providers", default setting 

is "SUBSCRIBED BY USER" as opposed to user opting to select any service he/she desires. If this 

isnt an issue for class action, i dont know what is. Thanks as well optus for your completely useless


Re: Strange Text Message - What to do?


Where exactly in 'my account' is this accessible? What sequence of numbers do I have to press when calling to get to the right department to set this up?


Could not find it. Got one of these sms today from a company I never heard of... If I get any charges they will be disputed.

Re: Strange Text Message - What to do?


This is a scam that Optus are actively participating in. 

I have just spent the entire day trying to resolve this. 

Optus (for a fee) is allowing companies to bill you for "Content Services" without your explicit authority or approval. They claim it's all in the terms of service as agreed with signing up. 

The companies they work with are hidden entities.  Optus can not do anything to resolve this but simply give you an email address or a "help desk" number. This help desk is not the company in question but simply another service provider, who can't act or speak on behalf of the company but again simply gives you an email address to send your complaint to. When pressed Optus stated they didn't have any contact information directly to the billing companies!


this is clearly a money scam were Optus participation is allowing unknown to the consumer companies to bill your phone number that they provide ( The consumer doesn't give the number but it's automatically provided to these companies) considerable amounts of money for nothing without any confirmation that the consumer agreed to these costs. I.e. It's an automatic "opt in" system. 


In all my dealings today Optus takes no responsibility for this system. A system that doesn't record the names of the content providers on your bill! Given they list every text and phone call even though I'm on unlimited.


i will make it my life's work to discredit Optus over this until they resolve my account issues. 


Re: Strange Text Message - What to do?


Currently engaged in the same issue. Getting pathetic excuses/solutions on their Live Chat. Getting very close to cancelling my service with Optus.

Re: Strange Text Message - What to do?


Not what we like to hear at all, @Peebs Smiley Sad

We're here to help, if you still need assistance please PM me with your account number, full name and DOB so I can take a closer look at what's going on there for you. 

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Re: Strange Text Message - What to do?


For anyone still interested in this thread, there may be another option.


Looks like this service is provide by MIA (same as the Sphere service that we got billed for).


Ignore the alleged helpline number shown on your bill, when I tried calling that I was directed to call another number and upon calling that it directed me to call the same number again. A fairly simple Google search for "MIA Sphere" gave me the address and phone for the company that provides the service.



Contact details for MIA are (I don't believe this is against the guidlines for the YesCrowd forums as the information is publicly available):

Level 2
221 Miller Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060


PH: 61 2 9925 8888


When I called it was picked up fairly promptly, and the person I spoke to assures me that the charges will be reimbursed in the next months bill. I'm hopeful that they have done what they said they have, but if there is no reverse of the charges I'll certainly be following this with Optus and TIO.

Hope this is useful to someone out there...  Smiley Happy



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