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Hi. My phone was disconnected due to unpaid bills, anyways whilst I was in the process of getting the money for the bill my phone was stolen. Will they be able to replace the handset or will they make me pay the rest of my bill off? I do have insurance .

Thank you

Re: Stolen phone


If you do nothing then yes the bills will keep coming. What did your insurance rep state when you contacted them?

Cheers Dave

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Re: Stolen phone

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Not a good run of luck @serafinakw,


I take it you have Optus Insurance?

What sort of phone?

Are you on a lease or standard contract?


This should cover your device but you'll need to pay the $250 excess. Optus Insurance will provide you with a replacement handset (it may be new or refurbished).


You will definitely still have to pay any Optus bills you have incurred up to today. You will also have to pay out Optus for the full handset cost - If you have cancelled your plan this will be in a single lump sum and you will also lose any discount Optus are making on the handset because you are a current customer (usually worth around $0 to $20 a month). If you are still on your contract then you can decide to remain or cancel it (with any exit fees applicable)


Basically, your best bet is probably pay the $250 and get the replacement handset and stay on the current plan. However hard to say without knowing more details. You should definitely talk to Live Chat to get some costs for any decisions.


Peter Gillespie


PS Have you contacted Optus to have them block the phone etc?


PPS For any insurance claim you will need a police report, so go get one of those ASAP

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