Still no mobile after a month


I have been patient during the whole thing but now it is getting unacceptable. Originally order was placed 19 Dec, then due to the new ordering system issue, my order was re-placed on 09 Jan. Now on 18 Jan my order is still in progress, no communication no ETA no apology. Live chat is better than two weeks ago but couldn't offer any help, crowd normally takes 1 to 2 days to reply my personal message, sent email to the staff who re-placed my order and no response yet.


I am sick of being told 'You can check the status of your order on xxxyyy with your order number', 'Your order is being placed, you will be contacted once it is proceed' or 'you will be contacted once a mobile is allocated to your order' during the multiple contacts in exact 30 days. Order number given was 2488927A to the staff who can actually help.

Re: Still no mobile after a month

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Is it worth cancelling the order? Just buy the phone outright? Could you get the phone immeadiately in an Optus store (placing a new order at that point)? Might all be a bit risky?


I agree Optus approach to orders placed is not very good. A single confirmation and then usually nothing until the phone is practically in your hands. Any order not processed within a week should automatically have a notice sent out providing a reason and the expected delay. Any order more than two weeks old should be managed personally by an agent and the option provided to cancel the deal given IMO.




Peter Gillespie

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