Still Awaiting Delivery : iPhone 8 on $59/mo


Hey all,

I recontracted with the iPhone 8 on the $59/mo plan and got a temp tracking number (T81513085110286) on the 13th of December 2017. However, still have not recieved any order confimration nor any delivery!

Anybody else having similar issues?

C'mon Optus!!

Re: Still Awaiting Delivery : iPhone 8 on $59/mo


I also recontracted on the 13th, waited around for a confirmation email.


Today I spoke to someone on Live Chat and was told that my ordered hadn't been processsed because I hadn't confirmed there would be a charge for getting out of my current contract. So I basically had a new order completed and processed that I should receive next week.


Get onto Live Chat and talk to someone in sales to get the ball moving, otherwise you won't get your order.

Re: Still Awaiting Delivery : iPhone 8 on $59/mo



I just posted this morning too. I have been given a temporary order number since 20/12, confirmed my ID and nothing since then. I have tried numerous time to contact optus on 1300 929 949 but the waiting time is always 1.5 hour. Chat is no better, you get told to call the number above! Will try tomorrow again but what a waste of time...



Re: Still Awaiting Delivery : iPhone 8 on $59/mo


If it's anything like mine, your order probably got lost so the confirmation email is not coming. Keep trying Live Chat, talk to the sales team and ask for an update on your order (when can I expect it, is it still being processed).


Yep, I spent 3 weeks waiting for a confirmation email, waste of time.

Re: Still Awaiting Delivery : iPhone 8 on $59/mo


I recieved a PM from one of the moderators on this forum giving a unique link to go into and enter the details of the temp order. Just filled in this morning and it says they would come back to me in 1-2 business days. Let's see how that goes.

Will keep yous posted.


Re: Still Awaiting Delivery : iPhone 8 on $59/mo



So, here is what happened. As promised by the moderator that I would get a call in 1-2 Business days. That did NOT happen. I have still not got a call from Optus.


However, I moved on the Live Chat option, where I was told that I need to confirm if I am willing to to pay the early exit fee. Can you believe it, this is what was holding my order. Anyways, I confirmed and the next day the phone arrives! That was all that was holding the order and the people at Optus are apparently too busy to call us or "get in touch" with us.


Not the end! I realised that the Live Chat person had the wrong address on my order. I had asked them to deliver to my work at the time of initial order. However, I raised it with live chat employee/bot and they said that they have updated it and it is good to go to be delivered to my work address. Guess what! DID NOT HAPPEN! The phone still got delivered to the other address which was my last home and I don't even live there. So, I had to take a trip across the city and get it.


Even though I have the phone, it is just annoying to be toyed around by a company you have two services, 4 phones, numerous add-ons and 4 years of loyalty with.




Re: Still Awaiting Delivery : iPhone 8 on $59/mo


Hey @gursimratb,


I can really only apologise. It wasn't my intention to mislead you in anyway. The drop box was set up to make it easier on our admin team to action requests that come through social/YC. These requests were to be actioned as a priority with a specified call-back time frame of 1-2 working days. I understand that you've been extremely patient and if there's anything you need from our end, please let us know. Again I'm sorry that things hadn't gone according to plan.


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