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Just wanted to clarify, is streaming of podcasts on Spotify included in the Entertainment package, or just the music? I know things like album art, analytics are not included in the free data, but I think the available info is ambiguous when it comes to non- musical audio content e.g. podcasts.

Re: Spotify podcasts (not music)

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G'day @A_m_y, I've had a read through the Must Mentions of the Data-free music streaming offer. There isn't a mention of any set restrictions in terms of the content that's covered by the free music streaming add-on.


 Must Mentions 

  • Music streaming is suitable for one stream per service on mobile and tablet devices only. Music will be streamed up to 512kbps
  • Video and other content such as ads, authentication and app analytics are excluded and will incur data charges
  • Some streaming services may require paid subscriptions - these aren't included
  • Music streaming is for use in Australia only and data pooling does not apply

You should be absolutely fine! If you do have any questions or concerns, let us know. 


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