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Spotify Data Usage

As is the case with many other users apparently, my Spotify data is showing on my data usage, despite me having activated music streaming on my Optus account. I'm currently on the Live Chat with 'Carlton' - who has just informed me that Spotify Premium is NOT included in the data free streaming!! He reckons that only the 'free' Spotify service is eligible - is this absolute nonsense or what?? He refuses to direct me to where he's getting his info from.. tells me it's in the terms and conditions.


Would be interested in someone from Optus reviewing this, and maybe having a chat with Carlton...?

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Occasional Contributor

Re: Spotify Data Usage


After 1 hour of Live chat, a supervisor rang me me and informed me Carlton had made a mistake, and he apologised... in his best 'call centre supervisor' type way 🙂


What he did say though (which I had suspected) - if you download a track to your phone (to listen to offline) - this is not counted as free data streaming, and it get's added to your mobile data. Why data 'downloaded and kept', is any different to data 'streamed' is beyond me... Basically, if I listen to a track 5 times, it's free. If I download it once, they charge me... go figure. >8^[


This may be the reason why customers are seeing data from Spotify added to their data usage? Just a thought...