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Occasional Contributor

Speed of mobile phone/Live Chat

For a week I cannot get access to the 7/24 live chat in

What is going wrong? It seems Optus is NO LONGER running this service.


By the way, I just reset my mobile phone with FACTORY RESET after its running very slowly.


It seems to me the Optus mobile phone was running out of internal memory as I load many apps in it. How can I add more interanal memory in the phobe or I have to buy a more expensive one ? Is there a simple method of just inserting an external sd card to the mobile phone to enhance this function?

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Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: Speed of mobile phone/Live Chat

Hey Bill,


Sorry to hear about your frustrations with your phone and Optus Live Chat.


  • Try clearing the cache/cookies in your computers web browser for
  • You can always speak to someone on the phone by calling 133 937.
  • Or visit your local Optus store.

In terms of your phone...


If you have an iPhone, i'm sorry to tell you that these devices do not have an SD card slot. If you are running an Android device you may be able to install an SD Card. Be sure to check first if your device can support one beofre making the purchase.


So the community can better assist you, it would be a great help if you could tell us more about what type of phone you have.


Best Regards







Need More Help?

Call 133 937

Chat with an Optus Sales/Support rep from the Optus App, or

Are you heading into store?

Remember to bring 100 points of photo ID with you soo Optus staff can access your account.


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Speed of mobile phone/Live Chat

Loving your responses and contributions, @MattyAu! Thank you!

Here is the OP's other thread which describes his issue a little more.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now no longer part of Yes Crowd or Optus. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the forum during my time, especially the regulars! Cheers!
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