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Spam messages


My mobile is recieving messages saying you have recieved an mms please read then there is a link to click on. I clicked on the link which had my internet providers logo tpg. Telling me my balance of my bill. Also clicked on another message, which had the vodafone logo. Also im with telstra. I keep deleting these messages from nos not im my contacts but the messages are still coming through . I have had a couple of replies whic i had to apologize. One person said whats pagamer. I googled it its when a person gets a virus on there phone. So im aszuming i have a virus. Please explain.

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Also the link on these mms are from optus. 


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Its not a virus. Someone (or some PC) is just sending you MMS with dodgy links.


Just ignore and or delete them.




Peter Gillespie

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As Peter said, ignore them AND NEVER click on a link from an unknown sender because you might activate a virus download.


Try downloading a free antivirus program (if you are using an Android phone) from the Playstore.  I use AVG and it works well.


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I have received these messages also, but I presumed they were safe as it said they were from Optus so I clicked on it and they keep sending now!


I've called Optus about this but they have no idea what I'm talking about.



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Hi @Zoe_J, really sorry for the inconvenience caused. Are you able to PM me Here your full name, Optus number & date of birth so we can take a look into this?

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