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Spam Text Messages


Moved from Virgin Mobile a while ago and since then I get spam text messages. They never have a number so I cannot blacklist them. They just say the sender is 'INVITATION' and the text is "following our conversation, please find here your invitation (then a URL). Join quickly... 


It is very annoying. If I didn't use the mobile for work I would change the number. Alas, since this only begun after swapping to Optus, it has marred my experience with them and I would not recommend them.

Re: Spam Text Messages


I see the jump your making but Optus isn’t spamming you. It’s just pure luck it’s started after the virgin transfer. 


Because they are hiding their number behind the name (using overstamping), this makes it nay impossible to stop on your side.

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Re: Spam Text Messages


Hi Baron, you can also opt out of marketing here > once you log into your my account and head to general marketing preferences.  

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