Spam Calls as soon as I Switched to OPTUS


Just wondering if anyone else experienced/experiencing this issue!


I recently switched to OPTUS (for the first time) and boom.....started receiving spam calls. Calls from Australian numbers (both landline & mobile), automated voice, most of the time non english recorded messages. Sometimes, a micro call, the phone rings for literally a micro sec and cuts off. Some other times, I receive a text message advising a missed call from a number I don't know. 


I have had my number with other networks from last 10 years and never had this issue. 

I suspect OPTUS sells their data to 3rd parties? Whatever it is, all this SPAM calls are after I changed to OPTUS, so it has something to do with OPTUS!?



Re: Spam Calls as soon as I Switched to OPTUS


Unlikely to be Optus (simply because a codified policy of selling numbers to spammers would see us all with the same issue)


I'd suspect that something else has inadvertantly tripped your increased spamming. Some web signup or another company that got your phone number somehow. 


Not sure there's much of a solution for it unfortunately (other than changing number which if you can ditch the legacy need to have a unique number is actually pretty liberating. Just tell your contacts your new number and move on)


Peter Gillespie

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