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Re: Sim not provisioned - Port gone awry and not getting help

I have had the exact same thing happen to me. I took up 2 new optus plans got 2 services transferring from Virgin to Optus early last week.  Received the SIMs on Thurs 7th, requested the porting that night.  I was told 4 hrs.  The first service was done in an hour and I am still waiting 7 days later for the other service to port over.  I have contacted Optus every single day and have been told every time that it will happen today.  I demanded answers yesterday and said there is something clearly wrong as what you are promising me is not happening.  Next I'm told 'it's stuck'  I have a string of reference numbers and now a IT case number? if that's correct? I'm trying to logon and the site is down - Im trying to PM the rep on here but that's down too.  I've read through the threads and it seems noone is getting action unless they lodge a complaint to TIO?? Really?? Has it come to that Optus?? I just want my phone to work.  We have been lucky that at least we still had service with Virgin - but now that was disconnected today and still no Optus connection.  Great work Optus!!! I notice you have already sent me my first bill for my first service ported over - my payment might get 'stuck' too! I need help urgently!!!!

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