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Sim not Provisioned!!!

I recently ordered a new mobile phone through my Optus App, in which I got in record time 3 working days 👏👌. But now my problem is its taking longer to activate my new nano sim card, SIM card not PROVISIONED. It's like who ever is at the call centre it sounds like they are reading from the same cue cards, and thats the same for the live chat aswell, copy and paste paragraphs into the conversation.

First excuse was "sir it will take 15mins to 4hrs to activate, here's a reference no.", well ok sounds legit. 8hrs pass i decide to use live chat "I'm sorry sir we are having technical difficulties, we will push this through to our department in the mean time have this reference no." Um ok i keep myself in check and sleep it off. Next morning still no signal on my new Samsung so i decide to ring again to the tune of "I'm really sorry sir but it has not quite been 24hrs and your process is still pending but i assure you by 4:00pm today everything will be ok, i have sent this through to my technical team and please take down this reference no." Ok, so i shrugged it off and wrote the new reference no down. 5:30pm no signal, "sir I'm sorry but you're process is stuck...", I'm like what? Please explain stuck. "Well it's stuck it's not going anywhere." I'm like, no sh#$ Sherlock.

"But we have 2 options for you" and i was thinking i hope option 1 is a bullet to the head because this is ridiculous! "Sorry sir but option 1 is we can process your activation in 3-5 working days and option 2 is go back to the Optus store and get a new Sim and we can activate your new Sim for you" i said please let thier be an option 3 where i get to choose the red pill or the blue one, "Sorry sir only 2 options" well ok I'm over it now i will take option 1 thanks. "Thankyou you sir oh yes and here's a new reference no", I'm like no thanks i have a few now you keep that one and Seasons Greetings to you...Beep beep beep. Has anyone else had anything similar, or should i just cut my old Sim down to Nano size and be done with Optus call centre's...?

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Re: Sim not Provisioned!!!

Sounds like a system issue @JazzyAu2018.


Did we need to consult with an IT support team to get the order pushed through? Does the reference number begin with a 1 by any chance?


Just to clarify - you had an existing mobile service with Optus, you've recontracted to a new Phone that required a new SIM? We just need to switch the number from the old SIM to the new SIM?

It's really a simple process, I'm sorry it's taking so long. 



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Re: Sim not Provisioned!!!

Hello Dan_C, today i had no reception and went in to Optus to sort it out, they gave me a new Sim and fixed it in 3mins, so thankyou for your reply i was a little frustrated at the time but it's fixed now cheers.