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I ported my number to Optus on 1st June from Amaysim. My Amaysim was disconnected 3 days back and my optus sim is still not activated and it just shows sim not provisioned. I contacted customer support several times but first they told me it will be activated in 24 hrs. Then after 24 hrs they told me it will be done in 4 hrs. Then after 4 hrs they told me it will be done in 48 hrs. It's a weekend and i'm not even sure it will be done by Monday (I'm pretty sure it wont be). I have been without a sim for the past 3 days. Everytime they say they have done a manual intervention but if it was done the 1st time, how come they are doing they same process for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time. What should i do? I need my number urgently or should i just talk to Amaysim if they can port my number back. 

Re: Sim Not Provisioned


Porting backward and forward can cause more issues than it solves especially if the Optus order (for whatever reason) is incomplete. I would strongly recommend speaking to Optus to push the order through, you might need to visit a store to get a new SIM and ask them to have a look at what happened with the activation too.

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