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Hey there, I'm hoping someone might be able to solve what's going on!

I've been getting some very odd phone calls on my number. It's the same pattern, a series of phone calls (between 10-20 in a row) where if I answer, there is no one on the other end of the line but the sound of something, tapping or beeping in a very muffled, hard to hear way. Sometimes my own voice is reflected back at me.

The stranger thing is that sometimes it's masked as my friends numbers if I have recently texted them.
Sometimes it's from an unrecognised number and changes every few rings.
Often it says my own number is calling me! 

It leaves voicemails on my inbox where I can hear myself doing regular things as it's recorded what was happening.

This has happened three or four times now, and it has become more and more insistent with more frequent calls lately. I actually had 30 calls yesterday between 11.49am and 12.16 when I turned off my device. 19 from my own number, and the rest disguised as my friends (who have confirmed that they did not try to call me during these times). 

I'm not really sure what's happening, but any advice would be really helpful! It's getting very distressing 0__0;

Re: Silent spam calls

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It does sound distressing. I can't say I've heard of anything like it. 


Two possibilities:


1) Its something external (Optus system glitch, peoples unknown, etc.)


2) Its something to do with your phone.


I'd discount number two first. Any chance you could get another phone and plug your SIM into it? I'm thinking its some issue with your phone (virus, system, app, etc.). If you can't then perhaps a complete system reset of your phone (iphone or android?). Its not a great option but would ensure you're phone is 'clean'.


Perhaps look through the list of apps installed and see if one seems dodgy?




Peter Gillespie

Re: Silent spam calls


Hey @TeaGz - can understand how distressing this must be! Really not sure what's going on there. As @petergdownload suggested, I would isolate the issue by popping your SIM into another handset and seeing if this is still occurring. If so, let us know so we can either replace your SIM card or see if this is a network issue. 

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