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Sharing my frustration



  I want to file a complaint and share my anger and frustration of the service I have had the last week upon changing my plan from Pre to Postpaid.


1] On Friday the 13 October 2017

    by approx. 4:00 PM in an online chat I was chatting with Henry R. he offered me to change my line from pre-paid to postpaid and have an iPad offer separately as well.

The plan of $40/month free calls and SMS and 15GB of data with a 25% discount so I will have the $40 with just $30 / month


  • After some chat I agreed on the offer
  • He then sent me an online form (as a contract to fill it )
  • I did fill it.
  • He then told me to wait for 3 mins he will do some things,
  • After a while (longer than 3 mins) the chat was cut.
  • 5 Minutes later my line was cut out SOS only


I was not warned by the Henry R that my service will be cut.


My Situation

  • I’m a freelance IT
  • I don’t have except this phone line I don’t have any other mobile or ground line you can check if you want.
  • I totally depend on my mobile in business and in data for customer support and for GPS purpose
  • When I did the deal I was in a customer location Chipping Norton, I didn’t know the area was in the street and out of petrol.
  • Mid day, middle of the street, no phone no GPS, no communication my car with very low of petrol.


After arriving home I used wifi to chat online to fix this problem for me

Thanks God that I have the chats saved


  • I chatted with many employee’s telling them the problem but know one was able to solve it, as some told me technical issue, another told me 24 hours and then a supervisor named Bob told me 4 hours the service will be back again.


Now during my chat I made it clear that I need my line back at any cost even if the cost is returning back to prepaid. But if they are able to get me the line with the postpaid it will be great because I need it.


2] On Saturday the 14 October 2017

    - I started chatting again online with some customer support with no solution

    - I went to Rosewell Branch for a solution, they told me they are just sales, and dialed a number inside the branch and told me to tell them about my problem.

   -After 3 times of cutting and frustration a real nice guy told me he promised to solve it in an hour or so he gave me his employee number as a guarantee CP555778

- After an hour the man was up to his word and the service was on with the postpaid plan and my 15 GB of data. All fine and I was ok.


3] On Sunday the 15 October 2017

      All Good


4] On Monday the 16 October 2017

      Wake up in the morning to proceed my business day only to find my mobile is back to

     SOS Only


  • Borrowed a phone to call customer service after a long chat they told me it’s your mobile, and then they fixed it (at least when I see the signal back I thought so)
  • Closed with the customer care to find that I can’t make calls and I don’t have any data.
  • Called them again they told me your postpaid was canceled and you are in prepaid again.
  • After many hours of calls and lots of people I called someone called Nadia from Adelaide she told me she will redo the contract for me with the same discount but it will take 24 hours and she gave me her direct number 0870768441
  • She told me she will need my driving license number and ABN number
  • I can only receive calls, can’t call or send SMS and have zero data and can’t even charge my line the Optus app was telling me I’m not a registered number


5] On Tuesday the 17 October 2017

     -  I called Nadia, gave her my details

     - She told me 24 hours I’ll have the service back as post paid

     - She told me I will continue to receive only and when the service be changed it might be only a max of 30 mins with no signal


6] On Wednesday the 18 October 2017

     - Called Nadia and many other to follow up. But nothing


7] On Thursday the 19 October 2017

     - Called Nadia and many other to follow up. But nothing


8] On Friday the 20 October 2017

     - Called Nadia and many other to follow up. But nothing

     - Went to banks town branch to solve it face to face, I spent with a customer care employee called Sara more than an Hour with no use.



--- Please put yourself in my place. Is this normal, is this the kind of customer service you would expect from one of the biggest telecom in Australia, is this acceptable by any standard


  • Even when asked for an email for customer complaint they deny me any email, of course to evade any legal issue or accountability but this is not what I’m looking for, I was actually needing that email just to write my complaints once instead of telling it for hours and hours for each person I talk to, becoming a life story.
  • Now I’m a very regular and I was loyal customer for the past +18 Months.
  • I want to ask what is this? Is this normal in customer service? Is my problem that hard for Optus to solve?


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Re: Sharing my frustration

Hey @Adelaw


Optus definitely needs to impliment some sort of one point contact for issue resolution. Currently every contact is a fresh face (sometimes this works as the new face can actually resolve the issue). Sometimes the new face tries something that stuffs up what happened before. It sort of cascades.


If you want to make a proper complaint to Optus write. They take this seriously and you will get a case number and hopefully a resolution in 10 days. 


In the meantime, if you still need access perhaps grab another prepaid plan and load it up for the month while you're working through this issue - its much less stressful (and productive) resolving stuff if you aren't actually really depending on the outcome.




Peter Gillespie

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Re: Sharing my frustration

Hi Peter,

   - The link you refered to is not a place for writting a complaint or something, its the link for optus complaint web site.

   - The form they claim we should download and fill for customer complaint contains nothing, just some written text with no valid meaning 

   - The have an email section in a bold font and guess what it's just a link to there web site not an email


  - They are trying very hard to

      1- Make hard for a customer to register his complaint

      2- Not making any offcial document or complaint dates so that they can escape legal issue

   by the end of the day

    1- They are loosing there customer support competency

    2- They are loosing credibility with the first customer complaint

    3- They are loosing customers

    4- They are loosing reputation, since any customer getting out this way, will diffinetly give them a bad reputation all around him and he will difinetly make sure it sounds as much as they caused him that pain


  The thing is they are not that smart, because instead of all of these hastle they can just assign a new department for the hard complaints and solve it internally instead of these obselete way of dealing with complaints

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Re: Sharing my frustration

after I recharged today with $30 they cut me again ... its a real .... company, no wards can really discribe ...

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